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Development of Rocket Ignition System using PLC

This paper presented the controller design of the rocket ignition system applied to the prototype of Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) to improve the operating performance, reliability and safety. The rocket ignition system was developed using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), mainly including the communication, state, and ignition modules. In order to ensure the reliability and safety of ignition, the ignition protection and a rocket detection circuits in the launch tube were designed to prevent unexpected ignition and improve the reliability of the system. The experiment result of the operation was indicated that the ignition system met both operation and safety requirements. In case of preventing false ignition and improving the reliability of the system, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the ignition device before operating the system. The investigation includes checking signal lines and connectors to make sure that the connection is reliable and also checking impedance loop resistances to make sure that it is in normal range, In order to ensure the reliable operation of the system. Keywords - Rocket Ignition System, Programmable Logic Controller, Multiple Launch Rocket System.