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Validation of HVAC System Simulation for Armored Vehicle

This paper presented a validation of heat ventilation and air condition (HVAC) system computational simulation for armored vehicle. The HVAC Design of the prototype is firstly started with the simulation of flow ventilation supplied from evaporator to study and understand the flow behavior. After production prototype had been finished, the experiment was conducted to validate the accuracy of the simulation. It is found that simulation accuracy is depended on the setting up all of factors that influence the temperature and the simulation time period. For each case of study, the simulation with the different computational time is dependent on the physics of interest and parameters to be studied. For the optimal temperature consideration, the steady state condition was considered. Therefore, selecting CFD simulation is very important for the HVAC simulation. Keywords - Heating ventilation and air condition (HVAC), Simulation, Armored vehicle, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermal comfort.