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Self-Governing Halting Mechanism and Velocity Regulation of Vehicles with Smart Insurance Facility using IoT

With the increase in number of vehicles, traffic congestion and the number of accidents due to lack of vigilance have also increased. When accidents occur, the process of claiming insurance for the damage is painful and tedious. Some clients even fake a damage to get a ransom with forged evidences. The proposed idea provides protection from possible accidents to great extent by providing speed control with Self-Governing Halting Mechanism. The velocity of a vehicle is controlled in accordance with the velocity of the neighboring vehicles with the help of sensors and a microcontroller to avoid collision. When the adjacent vehicles are too close the collision can be avoided by regulating the velocity. Once the Self- Governing Halting Mechanism is activated, the vehicle stops. The Self-Governing Halting Mechanism will intervene only when there is an emergency. In case, if the accident takes place, a smart insurance system is implemented. Here, the vehicle is provided with an IoT connected On-Board Diagnosis(OBD) Module, which tracks the vehicle continually. It collects data about the state of various parts, detection of any failure in the engine, signs like speed warnings and proximity levels and transmits the data automatically, which can be accessed using Android or iOS or a web browser. The data received, is shared with the insurance providers and the clients for further proceedings of the insurance claiming procedure. This enables faster insurance claims for genuine cases of accidents and just sanctioning of claims depending upon the magnitude of the damage. Keywords - Self-Governing Halting Mechanism, Electric vehicle, IoT, Microcontroller, On-Board Diagnosis Module (OBD), Sensors, Smart Insurance, Velocity Regulation.