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Design and Simulation of SIERPINSKI Fractal Antenna for UWB Application

In this paper sierpinski fractal antenna has been designed for ultra wideband application.The proposed antenna is mounted on FR4 substrate having dielectric constant r  = 4.4 and height h=1.6mm. The dimension of the antenna is 21.45*17.89mm2. The antenna simulation parameters such as reflection coefficient, gain, and VSWR are analyzed and presented. The proposed sierpinski fractal antenna has been designed upto 3rd iteration to obtain multiband characteristics in ultra wideband which is having operating range of 3.1-10.6 GHz as per the authorized FCC (Federal communication commission). The design and simulation of proposed antenna structure is carried out using CADFEKO 14.0 software. Keywords - Sierpinski, Fractal antenna, Ultra wideband, FR4, CADEFEKO 14.0.