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Control Scheme based on Quasi Z-Source Network for Four-Switch Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor

As compared to other electrical machines, Brushless DC machine is becoming most popular in selection of drive technology. Reason behind this popularity is its numerous advantages like low maintenance, high efficiency, high power density and robustness. In this paper Quasi Z-source network based control scheme is proposed with the help of Fuzzy Logic Control, which results the improvement in utility ratio of DC voltage, extends the range of speed and reduces torque ripples. During the investigation, a novel topology is presented which is combination of quasi Z-source converter and FSTP drive circuit. The drawbacks of FSTP BLDC motor are studied and simulations for QZFSTP BLDC were designed in MATLAB Simulink. The Simulation results are obtained and discussed in that paper. Keywords - BLDC Motor, Quasi Z-Source Network, Fuzzy Logic Controller, MATLAB/Simulink, torque ripple.