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Design of Modified LPF using in Sensitive Wireless Systems

This paper aims to achieve sharp cut-off, low insertion-loss and high-selectivity of the modified low pass filter design. Two techniques are used for accomplishing the filter design. The first technique, each low –impedance line, acts as a shunt capacitor has been replaced by split-ring resonator (SRRS). While the other technique is etching circular-shape of complementary split-ring resonators (CSRRS) in the ground of substrate material underneath the SRRs. The modified filter shows better results in comparison to the conventional counterpart, i.e. flat pass-band and sharp cut-off, identical to numbers of unit cells of CSRR structures. Numerical results of convention LPF are presented. The design of the filter has been performed via utilizing high frequency structure simulation (HFSS) and planted on the Roger (RO3210) substrate material. The material specifications have been carried out with a dielectric fixed (εr=10.2), substrate height (h=1.27) . The modified filter is suitable to be used in sensitive wireless communication systems. Index Terms - Low Pass, Filter, Meta-material, Resonator, Selectivity.