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Development of Pulse Oximeter by using 32-Bit Arm based Microcontroller

Pulse oximeter is the medical device that can measure the oxygenated percentage inpatient’s blood hemoglobin, which is noninvasive, simple and efficient method to measure the oxygen situation that transported from the heart to different body organs. The use of pulse oximeter has been continuously increasing due to it can be utilized at several measurement sites such as the chest, wrists, forehead, and feet. This study is aimed to design pulse oximeter, which is can be used in real monitoring of human health. Thus, this study takes into consideration to check the best method that can be achieved a good accuracy that will give dependable results for both heart rate and SPO2 that can make the using of the proposed oximeter being practiced. For this purpose, we have checked several MCU based ARM cortex 32bit and different sensors and method beside compared it with the result taken from the common MUC result (Arduino UNIO). In follows the description of different methods and its results. Keywords- Oximeter, ARM Cortex, wearable device, heart rate.