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Integrated Wind And Solar Power Dc Microgrid For Day-A-Head Scheduling

Now -a-days renewable sources are very useful for domestic applications. By observing these advantages an aggregated or accumulated model has to be proposed for an integration of renewable sources such as wind and solar power. The power which can be produced from the renewable sources will be synchronized to the ac grid or directly to dc consumers. In these operation BESS (battery energy storage system) is equipped with the system for maintaining the power balance. For obtaining the power balance the adaptive droop control technique has to be proposed and droop curves are evaluated. The droop characteristics are selected on the basis of the deviation between the optimized and real-time SOC of the BESS. Operational controls within the micro grid [such as cost have to be optimized at the same time it will satisfy the demand] are designed to support the integration of wind and solar power. By these process micro grid real time supply and demand will be maintain in symmetry. The simulation results are to be developed in MATLAB SIMULINK process for renewable power generation and fast charging load connected to the dc bus, droop control based responses.