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Enhancement of Power Quality using Bridgeless Converter based Switched Mode Power Supply

In conventional switched mode power supplies the harmonic current, distorted ac current, high reactive component of current, poor power factor are the major problems, where the SMPS’s are commonly used in personal computers. To overcome these problems, a non isolated bridgeless single ended primary inductance converter i.e. SEPIC is proposed. At front part of SMPS discontinuous conduction mode SEPIC converter is operated. It gives regulated output voltage under the input voltage and load variations. The regulated output of the first part of converter is acts as input to the second part of converter which is half-bridge DC-DC converter. Different output voltages which are required for the computer are obtained with the help of high frequency transformer (HFT). By controlling any one dc output voltage of DC-DC converter, the other voltages are controlled automatically. The simulation of proposed topology is carried out with the help of MATLAB to obtain an enhanced power quality and are verified through the simulation results. Keywords - Power Factor Corrected Sepic Converter, Power Quality, Regulated DC Outputs, Unity Power Factor, Half Bridge Converter.