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Case Study on Restoration of PLC-SCADA System

In this paper it is discussed about the existing system, formulation of the problem and appropriate solution on that problem. In the existing system there is ASTRA SCADA with two PCs used for it, one controlling PC and other is the monitoring PC. Controlling PC has to control the system according to given framework and monitoring PC has to monitor and collect the data. Along with it, for controlling purpose there is one PLC which is of Siemens make S7 200. The ASTRA SCADA system has been corrupted and rendered useless. For solution on this problem, a new SCADA system that is OpenSCADA is developed. OpenSCADA system is developed by using Visual Basic 12.0 programming language and integrated development environment(IDE), Microsoft SQL server for relational database management and Microsoft Excel 2007. In this OpenSCADA controlling element is PLC and Siemens make PLC S7 200 is now replaced by Allen Bradley PLC Micrologix 1400 due to non- functionality of S7 200. Ladder logic is developed in RSLogix 500, programming software of Allen Bradley and according to the conditions given to control the MCCBs present in system. Operation of this ladder diagram and its proper communication between PLC and SCADA system is tested. Keywords - Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Power Control Cubicle (PCC), Motorized Controlled Circuit Breaker (MCCB), Feeders.