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Hybrid Transformer Based Dc–Dc Boost Converter For Photovoltaic Applications

Now-a-days due to the shortage of electric power and rising cost of non-renewable energy resources generating electric power from the renewable energy resources such as PV modules are increasing day to day. This paper presents non- isolated, high step-up dc-dc converter with hybrid transformer with for low voltage renewable energy resources applications. The proposed converter utilizes hybrid transformer to transfer the inductive and capacitive energy simultaneously, achieving high step-up voltage with smaller sized magnetic component, the turn-off loss of switch is reduced, increasing the efficiency of the converter under all load conditions. By changing the input voltage the voltage stresses on the active switch and diodes are maintained at low level and are independent as a result of the resonant capacitor transferring energy to the output of the converter. Due to the high system efficiency and the ability to operate with a wide variable input voltage, the proposed converter is an attractive design for alternative low dc voltage energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic modules and fuel cells.