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Design and Analysis of Antenna in Millimeter Wave for Wireless Application

This proposed paper, a single band microstrip antenna for 5G application is presented. This proposed antenna is suitable for the millimeter wave frequency and also for WLAN frequency range. The single band antenna consists of circular polarized patch with H slot on the radiating patch with the 50 ohms mictrostrip line feeding used. This single band antenna is simulated on a Flame Retardent 4 with height of 1.6mm. The antenna simulated by Electromagnetic simulator, High Frequency Structure Simulator. In the beginning the operating frequency antenna was developed with 15.4 GHz and then it is developed to millimeter wave frequency of 30.2 GHz. The proposed antenna was simulated on return loss, 3D radiation pattern with gain is presented. The simulated antenna has the return loss -33.96 dB at 30 GHz millimeter wave 5G wireless application presented. Keywords - HFSS software; circular patch with H slot; Millimeter wave; single band microstrip patch antenna.