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Design of Real Time Smart Traffic Light Control System

Traffic jam is a big problem that faces the specialists who work on the traffic management. It is a common problem in many countries and it differs in the degree and varies from place to place according to population and the good infrastructure of that country. Consequently, some countries have developed systems to control traffic congestion. There are many methods of controlling and managing streets, highways and roads. A common and old technique is to use a timer which controls traffic lights in each line. The other technique is utilizing electronic sensors which used to detect cars and vehicles. Image processing is one of the smart and intelligent techniques to detect cars and vehicles. In this paper, MATLAB software was utilized to detect and count the number of cars. First, a mounted web camera captures a photo of the lane or the road that need to control. Then the captured image of the road is sent to the MATLAB software installed on the PC for further process and then to detect the number of cars on the road by using image processing method. After that, the detection number of cars is used to calculate the suitable time for each lane to control the traffic light according to the congestion on each lane. Keywords - Real Time, Traffic Control, Camera, Image Processing, Arduino