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Study the Electrical Energy Consumption in Administrative Office in Faculty of Science and Technology for leading to Evaluation the Model of Electrical Energy Producing from Solar Cell System

The objective of this research was to study the total area, electrical energy consumption, specific energy consumption (SEC) in term of electricity, and the energy utilization index (EUI) of an administrative office in faculty of science and technology of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand. Then, those of the results were led to evaluate the energy conservation and the producing of the electricity from solar cell system. It was observed that the total area of the administrative office was 396 m2. An average value of electrical energy consumption was 2809 kWh per month. The average value of the specific energy consumption was 7.09 MJ/m2 per month. In November, 2017, the values of the electrical energy consumption and the specific energy consumption were the highest values which were 3,297 kWh and 8.33 MJ/m2, respectively. The average value of the energy utilization index was approximately -0.95 which did not pass the standard criterion. Therefore, the energy conservation measures for the electric systems (such as air conditioner, lighting and elevator systems) were controlled. Finally, the producing of electrical energy per day from solar cell system had to pay about 16,000,000 THB at the maximum cost of forecasting. Index Terms - Energy consumption, specific energy consumption, energy utilization index, solar cell