Paper Title
Electric Self Balancing Bike

In this ever growing scenario of the world with growing population and also vehicles, the problem persists more importantly for handicapped people to drive their vehicle on these overcrowded roads and ever increasing traffic. This paper advocates the solution over this problem. The main goal of this project is to build such a prototype that can balance itself on two wheels with the help of gyroscope. This self-balancing bike with the application of gyroscope will omit the need of extra set of wheels or support required by the handicapped people. Also normal people can use this application to minimize the risk of road accidents due to the loss of balance when braking or stopping suddenly in traffic. This application will also benefit in stabilizing the bike without any need of human help externally. As this bike will be fully powered by rechargeable cells, it will be ultimately eco-friendly also it will lead to safer roads in the cities and ultimately will be the safest for citizens. Index terms - Gyroscope, Automatic Balancing Bike, Pollution, Transportation, Electric bike.