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Grid Interconnection Of PV System For 3 Phase 4 Wire Distribution System With Power-Quality Improvement

With the increase in load demand, the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are increasingly connected in the distribution systems which utilizes power electronic Converters/Inverters. The increased use of power electronic converters and non-linear loads in the power system will lead to the generation of harmonic currents which will deteriorates the power quality. This paper, presents a grid interfacing inverter control that compensates power quality problems and it can also interface renewable energy sources with the electric grid. A Photo Voltaic (PV) system is modeled as a RES, and it is integrated to grid for a three phase four wire distribution system. The interfacing inverter is controlled to perform as a multi-function device. The inverter can thus be utilized as power converter to inject power to the electrical grid, and shunt APF to compensate current unbalance, load current harmonics and load neutral current and to support load reactive power demand. In order to enhance the performance of the system when highly nonlinear loads are used, synchronous reference method is included in the control. This new control concept is modeled and simulated in MATLAB/Simulink software.