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Fractional Order Pi Controller To Control The Speed Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive

In this paper a fractional order PI controller (FOPI) is proposed for the speed control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM). Fractional calculus is introduced into the PI controller, and proposes a robust fractional order PI controller (FOPI) for the speed control of a PMSM .PMSM drive system is a nonlinear system which is sensitive to load disturbance, parameter variation, unmodelled and nonlinear dynamics. Simulation of the drive system is done using integer order PI and is compared with the FOPI. Fractional order is applied in the PI controller and analysis is done for different order ranging from 0-1. By using FOPI the performance of the PMSM drive system can be improved. The performance and robustness of the proposed method are tested for nonlinear load torque disturbance. The modulation technique used is the space vector modulation (SVPWM)