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Power Analysis Of CMOS And Adiabatic Logic Design

The main objecive of this paper is to provide new low power solutions for Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) designers. Especially, this work focuses on the reduction of the power dissipation, which is showing an ever-increasing growth with the scaling down of the technologies. Then, to limit the power dissipation, alternative solutions at each level of abstraction are proposed. The dynamic power requirement of CMOS circuits is rapidly becoming a major concern in the design of personal information systems and large computers. In this paper, a new CMOS logic family called ADIABATIC LOGIC, based on the adiabatic switching principle is presented. The Logic cells like 2N2P, 2N2N2P, PFAL has been designed and presented here. Power consumption is widely reduced upto50%. The simulation tool used to design Adiabatic cell is TANNER EDA V13.0 Technology.