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Load Frequency Control of an Interconnected Two Area Thermal System using Oppositional Krill Herd Algorithm with SMES

This paper presents Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of an interconnected two area thermal system based on PID controller in coordination with superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) using Oppositional krill herd algorithm(OKHA). In an interconnected power system variation of load affect the system frequency and bus voltages. High value of frequency deviation may causes system failure. The main objective of using OKHA with SMES is to maintain the system frequency within the scheduled value. Parameters of PID controller such as proportional gain, integral gain and derivative gain can be controlled by using coordinated controller SMES. The tuning of PID controller is important to get an output with better dynamic and static performance systems. This work introduces a Simulink Model by using MATLAB software for two area thermal system. The output response of OKHA with SMES is compared with KHA and OKHA without SMES and found best result in OKHA with SMES. Keyword - Oppositional krill Herd Algorithm; Automatic generation control; superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES); PID Controller