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Transceiver Low Pass Filter Design based on Miniaturized Cells

This paper includes two cases for implementing frequency transmission performance of low-pass filter. The first case is replacing single rectangular split-ring resonator (RSRR) instead of low–impedance line that act as a shunt capacitor in equivalent circuit. The second case is engraving three cells of circular complementary split-ring resonators (CCSRRs) in the lower plane metal of substrate as a defected ground structure (DGS). The amended filters have better results compared to counterpart at a similar cut-off frequency. The filters are characterized by; a smooth pass-band with no ripple, considerable insertion loss (IL), sharp cut-off, and appreciable selectivity. The filters are then realized using HFSS software which is used to simulate several high frequency devices. The filters are implemented on the substrate type Rogers/RO3210 with a dielectric constant, εr = 10.2, substrate height, h = 1270μm. Index terms - Defected Ground, Low-Pass Filter, Resonator, Selectivity.