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FPA based Optimized PI Controller for AGC in a Two-Area Thermal-Diesel Interconnected Restructured Power System

This paper presents an application of bio-inspired Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA) based Proportional- Integral (PI) controllers in Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of two-area thermal-diesel power system. The PI controller gain of the AGC problem are tuned by using the FPA algorithm in order to achieve the optimal transient response of the system under for different types of possible transactions in restructured environment. The Integral Square Error (ISE) is considered the objective function for the FPA. The supremacy performance of proposed algorithm for optimized PI controller is proved by comparing the results with Genetic Algorithm (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) based PI controller under the same investigated power system. The simulation results reveal that the performance of the FPA-optimized controller is better than its GA, PSO and BFO-optimized counterpart in terms of settling time and overshoot in deviation of frequency. The convergence speed performance of the proposed algorithm is significantly better compared to those achieved by the existing algorithms. Moreover the Power System Restoration Indices (PSRI) is computed based on system dynamic performances of two-area thermal-diesel interconnected power system and the remedial measures to be taken can be adjudged. Index terms - Automatic Generation Control, Flower Pollination Algorithm, Diesel power plant, PI controller, Power System Restoration Indices.