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Symmetric Supercapacitor Device Prepared Using Koh as Liquid Electrolyte and Potentiodynamically Electrodeposited Mn Incorporated Co3O4

Present study explains electrochemical analysis of symmetric super capacitor prepared using Mn incorporated Co3O4 electrodes and 1M aqueous KOH. The synthesis has been carried out using potentiodynamic electro deposition. 1 M aqueous solutions of CoCl2 and MnCl2 were used as precursors in 99:1 proportion. XRD exhibits the formation of FCC Co3O4 crystals with few orthorhombic MnO2 crystals. The FESEM exhibits formation of porous granular morphology with embedded spikes. EDX corroborates the formation of composite. The specific capacitance as calculated from cyclic voltammetry was 115.76 F/g at 2 mV/s. Calculated values of specific energy, specific power and coloumbic efficiency using galvanostatic charge discharge analyses were 7.28 Whkg-1, 1.34 Wkg-1 and 85% The values of series resistance(Rs), charge transfer resistance (Rct) and warburg impedance (Rw) were 1.8Ω, 1Ω and2Ω respectively. Keywords - Mn:Co3O4, potentiodynamic, electrodeposition Symmetric supercapacitor, KOH.