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An Enhanced Energy Efficient Secure Multipath Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks are generally composed of large number of distributed sensor nodes that organize themselves into a multi-hop wireless network. Some of the major issues in wireless sensor networks are energy consumption, lack of authentication data integrity and instability of path link between sensor nodes which reduces the popularity of the sensor network. The research work consists of optimized multipath routing, residual energy based routing, authentication and scheduling based approach to make the wireless sensor networks more secure with minimum energy consumption. The optimal energy path is established to maintain the data packet flow in the wireless sensor network unobstructed and the energy consumption model is developed to produce the minimum energy. A New Scheduling based Energy Efficient Scheme is established which attains both throughput and peak network connectivity while keeping the nodes moving in dynamic manner. Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Multipath Routing, Optimum Energy Path, Network Life time, Energy Consumption