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Electricity Regenerating Tires

The present paper is an attempt to revolutionize the world of technology, pursuing to something innovative, as the fossil-fuels are predicted to end up in the upcoming years. As per the recent percentage of fossil fuels left over the world, it seems to be the further automotive industry to completely dependent on the electronics or hydrogen technology. So, it is essential to generate the electricity that is continuous, spontaneous & keeps energizing the vehicle when it requires. It can be made possible by introducing an innovative but efficient technology. Our research paper revolves around the one such kind of technology. We could have a Piezo-electric transducer material that needs to be introduced in between the layers of the tire and more over to make the continuous pressure available all the time, so that there would be generation of electricity, each time the tire comes to a point of contact. After this, certain pressure will be applied, along with Piezo-electric transducer, some amount of voltage output would generate to be stored. That could be further carried out to empower the vehicle. The further demonstrations are still going on to calibrate different values from the voltage output, with the different Piezo materials to have the best one! Keywords - Introduction, Tire, Piezo-Electricity, Technical Aspects, How It Works? , Detailed Analysis Required, Future Prospects of the Paper