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Study on The Sensing Behavior of Self-Doped Plasmonic Semiconductor Nanocrystals

In this paper, a continuous-flow millifluidic was utilized to synthesize copper chalcogenide (Cu2-xS) nanocrystals of different morphologies and composition for the function of a biosensor. By manipulating the flow rates and concentration of precursors, the properties can be precisely controlled including spherical and rod-shaped nanocrystals, both in a range of sizes, and also different stoichiometry such as a Cu1.1S, Cu1.39S, Cu1.75S, and Cu1.97S. The localized surface plasmonic resonance (LSPR) property of different compositions, sizes and morphologies of Cu2-xS nanocrystals were recorded to respond differently through investigating within varying refractive indexes of both organic and aqueous environment. The plasmonic quenching effect of the different kinds of nanocrystals were also studied through the redox of o-phenylendiamine (OPD). Keywords- Localized surface plasmon resonance, copper chalcogenide, self-doped, plasmonic sensing