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Health Monitoring of Three Phase Induction Motor

Health monitoring of Induction motors is influential as 33.33% of the world’s electricity utilization is passed down for operating induction motor. The regular assessment of health of the equipment throughout its service is called Health Monitoring. Research and work on the new techniques of health monitoring of induction motor has been elevated significantly mostly based on analyzing signals. This paper put up a new induction motor rotor bar fault indication under different load conditions. In this paper, Hilbert transform technique has been used to obtain the envelopes of the stator current. The processing of signals is implemented using Labview. In the load and no load conditions, the current signals are obtained from the three phase induction motor. Health monitoring is procured using LabVIEW based approach. Keywords - Three phase Induction Motor, Rotor bar fault, Fast Hilbert Transform, Health Monitoring, LabVIEW