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Smart Car Parking System

As the human population is increasing day by day so is the number of vehicle used by them. Thus it has become necessary to have a good system to monitor and manage the parking space. It is also necessary to get parking place in the already crowded places as number of two wheelers and four wheelers have increased by many folds in recent years. The related work done in the parking management system has shown great promise and variety of technologies are being used to overcome the parking problem. In this paper we try to discuss the implementation of parking system based on RFID technology. RFID reader will read the information in the tag issued to the user. The system has PIC microcontroller to control and process the incoming vehicle data and give entry to the authorized vehicles. GSM technology is used to get reservations from the user. The system can be effectively used to manage the parking in various places. It provides secure and less costly option for the current parking problems. Key Words- GSM, RFID Technology, PIC controller, parking management, secure parking