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AGC of Three Area Interconnected Power System Incorporating SMES

This paper presents the Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of three area interconnected power system incorporating Super Magnetic Energy Storage System (SMES) for two different case studies. A computational intelligent technique Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is processed to optimize the gain parameters of an Integral controller (IC) for three areas by considering the objective function as integral square error (ISE). Effectiveness of investigated power system is done by analysing the dynamic performances under 1% step increase of load. The dynamic performances of two different case studies are analysed and compared for AGC of interconnected power system without SMES and with SMES. The examinations of studies reveal that the implementation of AGC with SMES offers better dynamic performances under 1% step increase of load. An attempt has also been made to explore the impact of renewable hydro power system when considered as one of the area in power system model. Keywords - Thermal Hydro Thermal Power System, Automatic Generation Control, Super Magnetic Energy Storage System, Particle Swarm Optimization, Area Control Error.